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Privacy Policy

Please read this document to better understand how we handle privacy and our online information practices. As a user of this website, we regard your privacy as being very important to us. You agree to these policies by using our website. When using your website as a visitor, your privacy is the upmost importance to us.

When a user visits our website, the only information that is logged and collected is typical of most websites on the Internet. The IP address used to access the site may be logged, as well as dates and times of access, referral paths, etc. The duration of your website, destinations and exit pages are all used to help us understand how to make our website better for you to navigate and understand. This information is only used to analyze our websites traffic, trends, demographics, and any regular analysis of visitor information to help us tailor and improve our website to serve our visitors the best way we can and help them find what they are searching for. This type of data collected will ultimately help us improve our website for a better user experience.

Cookies are also a necessary way of customizing our website to better serve an end user with the best experience when using our website. They are a very common Internet practice and serve the purpose of making our website the best that it can be. You are free to make adjustments to your web browser to disable cookies being used on any part of our website. Please understand that disabling cookies can stop the functionality or render some aspects of our website useless.

Google is a third party advertisement portal who may use cookies to serve ads on this website. Dart cookies that may be used by Google help enable them to serve advertisements tailored to the users of this website. To measure advertisement effectiveness, some ad servers or networks may use cookies to track users activities on the website. Our website has no control over these types of cookies as they are from a third-party advertiser. Advertisers do contain links to their ad network advertisers. You should be aware that these are entirely different websites from our own and will have their own policies regarding privacy. We do take privacy very seriously and strive to make sure our visitors information is no way used in a manner that may hurt their personal information.

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